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Tips to play 3 Card Poker by BlackJack Moments

Of all the variations of poker that can be played today, 3 card poker is becoming one of the most popular.

To give advice to play any variety of poker, it is essential to know the game and how it develops, you may find plenty information online at casino cheats. For example, one of the data to take into account is that the 3 card poker uses a 52 card deck.

Three cards are dealt and you compete against the dealer. To win you need to have a better hand than the dealer, in addition to having a minimum of a couple. Keep in mind that this game is more difficult to make a ladder to a color, so that the ladder has greater value. Aces can act as the highest card or the lowest of the deck.

For starters let’s talk about some general tips on poker you have to bear in mind before you start playing.

Play at your level. It is important not play above your means when you are beginning to discover a game. Be sure to play at a level where you feel comfortable and set limits to which you think you can reach. This will give you confidence and help you learn more about the game. You can do some practice on some of the best and reliable online poker sites such as Situs Judi Bola Resmi. This will offer you wide variety of games to try.

Learn the best choices to make depending on the cards in your hand. In Texas Hold’em or traditional poker where you play with other people need to know that you can cheat, but in the 3 Car Poker this is not possible, so to make movements are quite defaults. Play, discusses possible failings, play again to improve your game and that practice is what makes a good player.

Study and learn. Evaluate how you played and think how you can improve. All professionals do it and not just in the world of poker. For example, writers reread their works and the actors often go over their performances. And if they try to reach perfection, you have to try the same because the goal is to become a professional. Take notes on your moves, think and analyze what you’ve done and think about how you can do better. You also have to read a lot about 3 card poker without problems trying to understand how to play to be crowned winner.

With this basic introduction in mind, let’s go now to more specific details on 3 card poker.

Know the game. This train in sites in which you are allowed to play without betting. Play at least a few hours before putting your money on the table and do not give way to the bets until you feel comfortable within the 3 card poker.

  • If you have a queen or a letter above, the Ante bet.
  • If you have a queen or better cards, stop later. The dealer usually queens in 66% of cases.
  • If you have at least one Q-6-4, increase your bet
  • If your cards are below the Q-6-4, the best plan is to leave.

These are the basic rules and the best and simplest advice as far as 3 card poker is concerned. It’s a relatively simple game in which anyone can have a good time as soon as the operation of the game is familiar. Practice and improve your skills and remember that the most important is the fun (though not always win).

Everything Blackjack – Learn All There Is To Know About Blackjack

Blackjack Is the single most played casino game all over the world. Its origins can be traced back to the 1700s in France, which at that time was called “21” or Ving-et-un in French. Needless to say, the game was spread around by French colonists and had since evolved to the Blackjack that we know today. It was not until the 1930s, when Nevada legalized gambling, that people first started using¬† the name blackjack for the game.

It was during this time that casinos needed to attract customers the most so they started offering a special bonus that would have people wining 10-to-1 odds if they had the Ace of Spades and any of the blackjacks. Casinos have long since stopped offering this special bet but the name stuck and the game was called blackjack ever since.

The evolution of the game has spawned several, many of which are now available on many online casinos. The most common form of blackjack is the Standard Blackjack–it is basically what you see being played in most casinos.

The object of the game is to get a hand that totals to a value of 21 or as close to it as possible. Getting more than 21 is a bust, which means you lose. To win, your hand must have a total of 21 or less and should be more than the dealer’s hand. Blackjack can be played by several players at once though individuals play only against the dealer, not each other.

The value of the cards are as follows:

  • An ace is valued at 1 or 11. (will be discussed later)
  • Numbers 2 to 9 are valued as is.
  • 10s, Jacks, Queens, and Kings are valued at 10. 

 The cards’ suit does not matter in this game but rather the value each card possesses. The ace has two possible values, which are either 11 or 1. The ace is always valued at 11 first, and will only be valued at one if a value of 11 will cause the total to exceed 21.

Blackjack gameplay is easy and fast; one of the many reasons why the game is so popular. After all, bets are placed, the dealer deals out two cards for each player going around the table dealing one card per player at a time. All the players’ cards are dealt either face down or up depending on which type of deal the game is on. The dealer then either deals himself two cards, one facing up and one facing down (Nevada Deal) or one face-up card (London Deal). Either way, players are initially able to see one card from the dealer’s hand. Typically, players have two choices after the cards are dealt: hit or stand (more options will be discussed on the next guide). If you’re not comfortable with the total value of the cards in your hand, you may want to hit. Once you declare a hit, you are given one card from the deck to add to the total value of your hand. You can hit as many times as you want if you still haven’t reached or gone over 21. If the total value of your hand is acceptable (see Blackjack Charts and Back jack odds for more specific strategies), you may want to declare a stand to end your turn. Once you do this, play moves over to the next player of the table until he in turn stands, bringing the play over to the next player and so on until all the players have done their turn. Issuing a stand is the last choice you make in around so make sure your hand can beat the dealers before declaring a stand. Once all players are done with their respective turns, the dealer then either opens his second card (Nevada Deal) or deals himself a second card (London Deal). Unlike the players, the dealer does not have the freedom to choose between hitting and standing. The dealer is forced to hit if the total of his hand is less than 17 and is consequently forced to stand if the total is 17 and above.

If the dealer busts, everyone in the table who didn’t bust, automatically wins. If the dealer doesn’t bust, the value of your hand is then compared to that of the dealer’s and one of the following happens:

  • Win = total value of your hand is higher than the dealer’s hand = win 1x the amount of your bet
  • Lose = total value of your hand is lower than the dealer’s hand = lose your bet

 If you get a total of 21 on your first two cards, congratulate yourself! You’ve just had your very first blackjack! Getting a blackjack is a sure win and you get 1.5x the amount of your bet in winnings–that is of course if the dealer doesn’t have a blackjack himself, in which case it would be a push. Consequently, if the dealer gets a blackjack, it’s an instant loss for everyone in the table. If you’ve made it through this far, congratulations! You are now ready to play your very first game of online blackjack! However, this section covers only the most basic aspects of blackjack: hitting and standing, winning and losing and getting a blackjack. There are a couple more options available to the player during certain circumstances, and players need to have a basic knowledge of these to be able to bring their blackjack experience to a whole new level. So if you’re ready, head on over to the next part of the guide, advanced blackjack rules, and begin enhancing your Blackjack knowledge even further.


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Casino games online for a great weekend

Do you live alone and have no one to play with? Is that your life becomes an even more boring weekend and you want to have fun? If the answer is yes, you can enjoy a lot playing games. You can play a lot of games, but if you want a bit of gambling, casino QQ Online in South Africa is the best option for you. You’re lucky because you do not have to go to a real casino. In fact, you can enjoy all the casino games from home. Do not be surprised by this. The Internet has brought not only the people but the game experience even closer to you.

Gone are the days when people had to travel plans to visit a casino to play games. Now you can enjoy the games from your home or office while sipping a cup of coffee. You may be thinking about what thought it is wonderful! And most importantly, it is also true. Everything you need to do for this is to get a computer and an Internet connection and your casino will be present where you belong. You can play games while having your breakfast, during the sessions of tea, and whenever you are free and bored. These are the best sources of pleasure to spend your time, and this is what makes online casino very popular among people of all age groups. You can also enjoy popular games like Blackjack, Bingo, and more.

Everything you need to enjoy this game is to simply download the casino software and create your account. The casino will give you a lot of benefits such as bonuses and daily accumulated points that can be converted into cash at any time. In addition, when you win a prize, the cash is immediately redirected to your account, and you can reap the benefits of your opportunity. You can use these gains in any way you wish. Online casino jackpots are widely known among players. People are crazy about this wonderful game. This is an exciting experience that dispels your boredom and gives you something to do in your free time. Experience online casino is nice, and you will truly cherish all your life. This will help you get rid of your weekends boring, lonely, and you actually look forward to many more weekends where you can enjoy games.

You can play Blackjack, Bingo, Poker, Slots Big Kahuna, Craps, Slots fruit, 3 Reel Slots, Super Keno, Austin Texas Hold Em, Super Slot Slingo, and many other games. The casinos give you a wide range of games to choose from. In addition, all the money you earn in the game will be transferred to your account. In addition, Casino South Africa is rightly famous for the high-quality entertainment and services it offers to its customers. So, if you are not aware of all the online casino sites, go on the web and you will find many sites that offer a gaming experience enjoyable and memorable.

Traditional gambling versus Online Gambling

The gambling industry today has evolved so much that billions of people are participating in online gambling , but these days there are two kinds of gambling available. One is traditional gambling in which you go to a casino and start playing at some table. These kinds of casinos have their own atmosphere and people who go there are willing to go there at any cost.

These casinos have a usually a formal dress code, if you want to go there you need to wear a certain dress otherwise you are not allowed in there. The most famous place where you can find the best casinos of this type is in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is not about gambling, it is a totally enjoyable experience.

Traditional gambling business was at its peak up to 1990’s, but then someone introduced the concept of online gambling. That’s a more advanced gambling type. You can play casino games sitting at your home just by some clicks of your mouse. Online gambling has evolved in past few years. It is still not legal in United States but people do it through illegal ways.

Up to 200 there were few hundred online casinos but according to a survey in 2006 there number was almost uncountable and we are now in 2010 you can imagine what will be number of online casinos and gamblers? Initially in 1990’s online gambling was not very popular as people do not have access to personal computer and those who had were using dial up connection to connect to internet that was not very up to the mark, but as time changed and people got more attracted towards personal computers, computers became cheap and then internet speeds also got better.

That was the time when people thought that well it’s the best thing we can play in casinos without getting out of our home comfort. Initially funds security was a problem and people were hesitant in investing their money but these days’ people totally trust these online casinos. A huge difference is there in the playing methods of traditional and modern online gambling. The use of the strong hands is required to play at Poker QQ site. The card games are played blind to check the luck at the rooms. The understanding of the difference between playing methods is must for the players. 

Traditional gambling has its own charm but after the popularity of online gambling there has been decay in traditional gambling. There are many reasons for that. First of all online gambling has made it easy for everyone to play casino games. There are online casinos who even offer free tutorials to the new comers and people can find a lot of material over internet that will help them in playing the right game in right style. Online casinos offer you to play free for experience and there is no embarrassment involved when you forget some rule of the game.

The most luxurious thing that attracts of the people to online casinos is the comfort of home. You can play while sitting in you comfortable chair at home while wearing any kind of dress. People have not to wait for their turn to open the table or place a bet you can play anytime anyplace any game.

These are the things that have made online gambling a success. Now let’s take a look that why people have put traditional gambling in the back? There are many reasons for that first of all people traditional gambling is more for pro’s, if you are a new comer then it becomes almost impossible for you to win something in casinos and it could take you months of practice to be able to win something.

There is no one who will help you in knowing the game rules. Then there are people who do not like smoky and congested environment of casinos. There is a lot of rush in casinos and you have to wait fo every game to play.

Lot of things can be said in favor of online gambling and against traditional gambling but people who have tried both, if you get their opinion they will say that you have better chances of winning at online gambling but in real casinos you have an unforgettable experience that you can never find in online gambling.

So in short if you are going to compare online gambling versus traditional gambling then the winner will be online gambling according to business but you cannot forget the charm and the grace that traditional gambling has provided to you. Everyone should experience both kinds of gambling in order to know what is best for you. Although I enjoy online gambling.

7 Things To Remember While Designing A New Casino Table Game

There are millions of casino fans around the globe trying out their luck in order to win jackpots, as they enjoy gaming sessions in their favorite casinos like Palm Springs Casino. However, there are few passionate enthusiasts that are in this industry looking for a way through which they can revolutionize this industry and make money at the same time by designing a new casino table game. In this article, we are going to take a look at the 7 important things that you need to keep in mind if you are one such enthusiast. However, you should know that it is not going to be that easy, as there are loads of things that might come into play as you start with this venture. 

  • Understanding the odds

As you are ready with your potential table game, make sure that you look at the odds at winning in your game and how appealing it is to regular casino players. Since a lot of games are introduced and moved away in casinos on a regular basis, it is important that the game you design is not only beneficial for the casino but is also engaging so players keep coming back at your game.

There is no certain way to decide whether the game you discover is going to be a hit, but over time you can develop it and make it more interesting to casino players and the casino itself.

This is why as you begin with the designing of your game, you should keep all these facts in your mind. 

  • Learn about the industry

In order to create a game that will be successful in this industry, you should learn all about the casino industry. Here, you need to make sure that you are familiar with all the latest rules and regulations, along with all the popular games that are currently hot in this space.

This will allow you to design your game in a more effective way keeping in mind the interest of the casino and the players. Moreover, most of the players are not interested in spending too much time in learning about any new game, so make sure that your game offers simple rules and regulations along with easy in and out to keep it interesting all the time. 

  • Rules and ideas 

Since there is not a professional or institutional way of learning the art of creating games, you have to come up with all the ideas and rules for your game. You might have to figure out all the possible moves and strategies while making sure that there are zero loop holes in your game that can be exploited by professional players. 

It is also important that you avoid combining different games like that can create a huge mess and you might end up with a really bad game. 

  • Necessary Equipment

Since there are several small and big equipment that you might need in order to get your game up and running, planning all about the equipment and basic things that you might need in order to start your game is going to be really helpful. The less equipment you have the more successful your game might be. Moreover, using already existing gadgets is a really great move in the beginning. 

  • Patenting your game

While coming with the name of your game, make sure that you get a really great name that is capable of describing your game. Once you are ready with all the basics for your game, you can get it patented so that you can protect your game for different legal and copyright issues. This will ensure that your idea is original and your attorney can keep you safe from copyright issues. 

  • House Edge

Another really important and vital thing for your game is to determine the house edge while designing your game. Balancing the chances between the house and the players perfectly is your key to success. Here, if you keep the house edge or winning chanced for players too high, it might end up against you. 

  • Marketing 

Lastly, you should start focusing on the marketing aspects of your game, where you can connect with different casinos and establishments that can accommodate your game and ready to pay you for that. Since there is no definite way here, you can just make a list of all the potential casinos that might enjoy your game. 


These are the 7 main aspects when it comes to designing a new casino game on your own.

Consequences Of Underage Gambling

There are many consequences of underage gambling. I remember my mother telling me to stay away from strangers and strictly avoid talking to them. Today, unfortunately Internet has made such a huge impact on every single member of the family that norms and values look secondary in today’s acquisitive world. Children, especially teenagers of today have become much privacy oriented as compared to teenagers, about two decades ago. They want least family interventions and want to live their life, much more independently.

The cyber world have opened their eyes wider, intriguing them and making them cyber-addicts. In addition, they know things well before their age. This was a major cause of a massive migration of teenage population towards the “evils of the world”; as they were attributed a long time ago. These “evils” include various harms of society out of which one of great magnitude is Under-age Gambling. Internet has provided a huge platform promoting excessively about free online poker games which involve monetary benefits. This fascinates youth and plays disastrously with a child’s mind and according to the philosophy of “Who Hates To Be Rich”, they fall prey to it. Just like oxygen rusts a pure metal, gambling rusts a child’s fresh mind.

Mostly, this habit is born from betting with friends on a certain issue or a sports match. The bet is done just to make a name for him, like” I told the other day that England will win the match.” In this type of bet, the amount of money is not as much important as the prediction of the bettors. The losing party gives a treat to the bettor and all the witnesses around. But, doing this repeatedly and winning it gives a thrust of confidence to the winning bettor which paves way for him to bet at higher stakes and on higher grounds to win the jackpot one day. In addition, with the emergence of online gambling platforms like, it is now easier for young people to access and play gamble games such as poker. They no longer have to go to land based casino just to have fun and enjoy. With just a few clicks, they can now enjoy.

Research depicts that players who are renowned gamblers today used to gamble from a very tender age. But not all teenagers who used to gamble are not gamblers today. Some intelligent minds forfeited their habit, somewhere along the line when they felt that it was the right moment to leave it. But unfortunately, for some people this goes on to be an addiction from a very immature age and they start hiding it from their family and old friends.

Parents should be careful in maintaining their child’s present and make sure that their child is not going astray in the wrong direction. They should be careful in politely checking their child as to whether he/she is carrying or possessing gambling materials such as a dice or a pack of cards. They must also make sure that their child does not take desperate actions to take more money such as stealing. This is indicative mostly for having financial resources to support their gambling activities.

Moreover, parents must also make sure that the money which the child took from them is spent in the right direction and is not overly wasted. The child is also taking his meals at the right time and whether he is coping up with his school assignments or not. Amongst many other things, the most important one is that he is not neglecting his family and neither is making his family norms and values, a secondary priority.

Mood swings are the most important trial on whether the child is going in the right direction or not. The child is usually on a high note when he is on a winning run. All the stakes are high and everything around him seems to be looking smooth. He possesses hard cash in his pockets and spends life on his desired pace. But, when he gets on a losing run, his depression and frustration can easily be mirrored off from his face. He gambles again to release his anguishes and try his luck, but rather fails to do so.

In countries where there is legislation for gambling casinos and poker tables, a strict check and balance is made to ensure that players are over 18 or 21 years of age. For instance, commercial casinos in Las Vegas, Nevada and Atlantic City have a limitation on the players gambling shall need to be at least 21 years of age in order to place a bet. They also check identification of the players who are suspected to be underage. If any gambling player or a casino is found not obeying the rules, the gambler is subjected to prison with severe punishments and a ransom fine. Furthermore, his academic career is also over and his job prospects also become gloomy.

Casinos are there to provide quality entertainment rather promoting and creating new and young gamblers. All the online and physical gambling and gaming revolves around one theme, “Enjoy responsibly.” On giving liberty to teenagers and asking them to gamble, I strongly believe in the following words of Den Barnett:

“One of the healthiest ways to gamble is with a spade and a package of garden seeds” .

The consequences of underage gambling can be huge.

Bet365 Poker Review – Offering hassle-free gambling environment in poker room

Bet365 Poker is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and with a large range of deposit and withdrawal methods you can be assured of hassle free online gambling in the poker room. What’s even better is they have a single account for the poker room, sportsbook, casino and racebook so no more having to transfer money from one account to another. Plenty of ring and tournament games to play in and huge prizes in the regular tournaments make Bet365 one of the better online poker rooms.

Bet365 Poker is another online poker room with a background in sportsbetting. They began operating with bricks and mortar betting agencies and have successfully expanded into the online gambling world with a casino, sportsbook, racebook and poker room. They have been around for years and are very well known within the UK and European markets. Financially speaks there should be no hesitation with this group and that’s just the start of the good news.

Initially this online poker room was part of the Microgaming’s Prima Poker network however they migrated over to the iPoker network as developed by Playtech. iPoker is probably Europe’s largest online poker network. It is quite powerful software and a step above many of the others. It is intuitive to use and the navigation is easy to follow. Graphics aren’t over the top and at the end of the day you’re there to play poker so that’s what they should concentrate on. You can customise you avatar, use the mini table view (just make sure you choose the option to view the four colour deck as it makes it much easier) and you should be impressed with the speed. No useless overhead running with this software.

One of the reasons Bet365 Poker may have changed to the iPoker network is because of the expanded player base. There is no arguing that a large player base helps to attract more players. Bit of a catch-22 really as a poker room isn’t successful unless it can attract players and the best way to attract players is to have plenty in the first place. Having an established database on online gamblers also helps and a single account can be used across all the Bet365 group. That it is good news because you only have to sign up and provide information once and then when you are familiar with the deposit and withdrawal methods, fees and other terms then it means you can bet sports, play slots and have a go at online poker all from the same account. As in some other reviews, having sportsbettors entering the online poker rooms means there will be plenty of loose games in the low and mid stakes games. Plenty of fish to fry, so to speak. The abundance of freerolls also helps to attract the novice players who then get a bit of confidence and move to the mid-sized tables. The poker card games available at Dominoqq poker table are played with intelligence and skills of the gamblers. The concentration of the players is on knowing the gameplay of the opponent to increasing the winning chances. It will result in more attraction of the people at the poker online gambling website. 

Because Bet365 is more Euro focused (unfortunately no US players are allowed) there are multiple currency options and the deposit and withdrawal methods include a few country specific options. That’s not to say the standards such as credit/debit card, NETeller and Moneybookers aren’t available, because they are. Moneybookers is tough to beat as online wallet solution with speed of transactions and relatively low fees. Financial security is also boosted by being licnesed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission rather than one of the small island countries just looking to cash in on license fees and not providing any real oversight of the licensees. Bet365 is also affiliates to IBAS, the Independent Betting Adjudication Service who assist when there are disputes between Bet365 and the customer. Bet365 agree to abide by the IBAS decision.

Support wise there are a few methods. You can telephone them on a variety of toll-free numbers, email support, email and request a call back (one of the best options), fax or use the live chat facility. Poker rooms want their customers to become better players because they tend to move to the higher stakes games. Bet365 Poker offers one of the best poker schools on their site. This is a great way to work through the game of poker and all the things to watch out for. It’s highly recommended as a method to improve your play.

Finally there are the bonuses and promotions. The freerolls have already been mentioned, however, there are plenty of other tournaments that you can enter and win some large amounts and other prizes. There is also the opening bonus of 200% up to $600. that’s right, make an initial deposit of $300 and receive a $600 bonus. The bonus is released based on you earning merit points so remember to make sure the initial deposit is a decent size to fully take advantage of this promo. These merit points are also redeemable for cash and there is no limit to the amount you can earn. Add to this the VIP program and there should be something in it for everyone.

So to sum up, Bet365 Poker is attractive to all types of poker players because of the large iPoker player base and with the cross over to the online casino, racebook and sportsbook, all your online gambling needs can be met with a single account. Sometimes it’s good just to take the easy route with things like this. Bet365 Poker is well worth a further look.

Advertise On Tagpoker is an online poker training site where poker players have access to lots of study material produced by winning players. The site also has a poker fourm where these players discuss strategy then help each other develop further. has a solid target base for poker advertisers. Visitors of are poker players who play the game often enough to want to talk and read more about it as well as study the many training videos available for them making them very valuable, potential customers.

Nearly every single visitor to the site is an online poker player who wishes to discuss strategy, techniques, and online poker sites. Tagpoker visitors like to try new poker sites in order to find soft competition as well as the best bonuses. Our audience is perfect for poker related advertisers.

Tagpoker gets an average ofvisits a month and below is a typical example of where in the world these avid poker players are coming from.

It might not be as popular as something like Bandarqq but it still has its own fan following that continues to grow with each passing day and keeps getting better and better as poker is a model that keeps getting better and better with time.

The Tagpoker forums are the most active part of the website and the place where the real poker enthusiasts come on a daily basis. Having a sponsored forum enables you to really engage your customers directly and will result in the highest possible conversion rate.

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The forums are the place where the serious Tagpoker members spend the vast majority of their time and so your audience is very targeted.

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These are great little adverts that will be shown site wide. As well as direct traffic they can also help your site rank better for key terms from the actual text used in the ad.

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What Factors To Consider When Choosing A Poker Site?

Gaming sites are not difficult to find these days, however, the challenge comes when one intends to find the best ones. Indeed, there exist numerous factors based on which you can decide which online poker gaming site could be better than the rest. Moreover, often many times these factors are highly dependant on how the player conceives the site as. Sometimes, a good poker site may turn up as a nightmare to other, simply because it did not let him/her experience

 the expect level of satisfaction from the game. However, excluding rare factor, here below you shall find common factors based on which you can judge which site is better than the rest.

The amount of bonuses does provide a gamer to evaluate and rate a site apt to their needs. Further, it also lures players to seek inside the plethora of choices and possibilities that might cross his/her way. Besides, it gives him/her more degree of freedom to choose from. Some factors should be considered while playing at Judi Online site to increase the bank amount. The concentration of the players should be on preparation of the right strategy to understand the gameplay of the opponents. With the defeat of the opposite players, there is an increase in the bank account to get the desired results with less effort. 

In fact, various poker sites on Internet provide bonuses to poker players. Generally, they offer such bonuses to those players who play a few raked hands. For instance, a poker site might provide you with a bonus of $50 if you make a deposit of $100 after you play five hundred raked hands. Besides, many internet based card rooms have come up with VIP programs for rewarding regular players. In fact, online poker rooms frequently provide additional bonuses or incentives for those players, who desire to refill their poker accounts and this is termed as reload incentives or bonuses.

One can judge popularity of online poker sites by the traffic they generate. The best poker sites have a good flow of player traffic. If there is an insufficient number of a poker player in the room, one will find it difficult to get started and have to wait for long for a game to begin. Thus, it is important to have enough players in the poker room. If the site you are playing on does not generate enough traffic, its time to look elsewhere.

Also important is the software that online poker sites provide to players. Previously individuals lacked methods to learn and enhance their gaming skills. However, now they can learn as well as improve their games in an easy and quick way with free poker games available on Internet.

Indeed, there is no escape from the fact, that ‘good softwares make popular gaming sites.’ Moreover, a complex, or dull software may prove to be a big turn-off to shoo away the audiences. Apart from user friendly, the software must contain relevant filters to give players more choices of play. In addition, it should connect players without causing any disturbance in the live play. Some poker game softwares are light, but give more number of unordered filters that consumes time. However, the software is exceptional fast, safe and convenient to play.

Similarly, some softwares are light as well letting gamers the freedom to choose their games from. Moreover, it eliminates unwanted bugs from the software making it compatible to most platforms available in the market.

Virgin Casino launch Reely Poker slot game

Virgin Casino has been busy launching a number of new games recently. Only last month, they announced a deal with Playtech giving their players the opportunity to play on some of the internet’s most popular branded slot games.

They don’t appear to be resting on their laurels though with the announcement that three more games will be going live in the next couple of days – including Reely Poker, an innovative slot which attempts to mix a traditional slot with the popular game of poker.

The slot part of the game works as you would expect with the traditional symbols being represented by a pack of playing cards. The Joker is the game’s wild symbol and pays out the game’s largest fixed jackpot of 5,000 coins when 5 are spun on an active payline. Payouts are then made according to the traditional ranking order of the cards, with the King symbol offering the next highest cash prize of 4,000.

The Ace represents Reely Poker’s scatter symbol, and when three or more of them appear anywhere on the reels the player will be taken to the Mutihand Infinite Hold’em bonus game.

Here the player will be dealt a number of cards (equivalent to the number of Aces that they spun to enter the game) and will be asked to make the highest ranked traditional poker hand available to them. A pair will pay out two coins with the prizes increasing up to 500 coins for a royal flush and every time that a player is able to make the minimum payout, they will be dealt another poker hand, thus allowing them to accumulate a nice bonus payout.

Unfortunately, Virgin Casino does not accept players from the USA. To find a casino that does, check out list of the best US Friendly online casinos

Should you not spin the required scatter symbols to access the bonus game though, there is a poker element to be accessed from the main slot screen which is essentially a side bet.

This feature is known as ‘Slot Poker’ and needs to be activated by the player before it can be used. Once that is done though, a side bet worth 10x the size of the line bet will be taken on every spin and the player will be asked to select one of the three horizontal rows on the main game screen.

Whichever reel you chose will remain selected until the Slot Poker feature is de-activated and plays an important part in all of your future spins. That’s because if the value of the poker hand displayed in your selected reel is worth more than the hands shown in the other two reels, you’ll win 3x the amount of your side bet in addition to any other wins that you may generate from the standard paylines.

Try out Reely Poker with a £/€100 bonus

If the idea of Reely Poker has left you a little intrigued, then head over to the Virgin Casino website and try out the game for yourself with a £100 welcome bonus.

To claim your bonus, you simply need to register your details and then make a minimum deposit of £/€5. You’ll then be required to wager 25x the size of your deposit and bonus at which your bonus will be automatically added to your player account.

Online casinos offer exclusive rolet online as well as gaming deals all the way. Since there are too many various casino choices from which to select, casinos are having to trade strongly for your market. What would that mean to you? This implies you’re expected to reap the benefits of any cool offer that pops along.

Microgaming Playboy Video Slot to Be Released Soon

One of the more talked about releases that is coming up in the next few weeks here has to be the release of the Playboy video slot from the massive software provider Microgaming. When it was announced that the two had come together to launch a new live dealer online casino, the announcement that came just after was that they were going to be releasing a Playboy themed video slot machine as well. Microgaming was not simply looking to put out a game here though, as they were looking to make this as one of the most talked about and popular video slots to come out in a very long time. The date of release for this brand new game has been set, and it’ll fall just before the Fourth of July, coming out on July 3rd. Brand new games are available at poker online site for the engagement of the players. The rules and regulation should be in the notice of the players. The implementation of the right tips and tricks at the right platform should be there. The looking for the online card games is great to have the benefits. 

There have been multiple different online casinos that have been promoting the new game, but the press releases are definitely drawing attention. One online casino put out a statement that definitely caught the attention of online casino players as it stated that “every desire will be provided for, from hot wheels to beautiful companions.” The game itself is going to live up to the hype in a ton of different ways, one of which definitely includes the incredible graphics that are going to go along with this game. Most Microgaming products have great graphics and win animations, and this game will be no different.

When you check out the new video slot, you are going to find that it’s not a completely new look from other video slots of the past, but there are modifications that were made to other popular slotes. You will see that the Playboy game has basically been set up in a similar style to the popular games like Immortal Romance and Thunderstruck II. The game itself is a five reel game that has 243 ways to win, with the Playboy magazines symbol getting you entry into the Playboy Club. If you are able to land on a Playboy girl then you’ll an increasing number of free spins and also some other features as well. Kimi gets you 10 free spins with payouts being multiplied by 5x, while Sofia gets you 15 free spins with Running Wilds as the feature. Ashley will get you 20 free spins with the Rolling Reels feature, and last but not least is Jillian who gets you 25 free spins and the Wild Night feature that will see up to five reels randomly turn wild. The wild symbol in this one is the Playboy bunny logo.

This new video slot is going to be available at a wide range of Microgaming online casinos, but the full list hasn’t been put out just yet. Regardless though, I think it’s safe to say that there’s a good chance that this game could end up drawing a ton of attention and could quickly become one of the most played games across the different online casions out there.

Online Blackjack Single Deck

  • Only one deck of cards is used when playing Single Deck Blackjack.
  • The dealer is obliged to hit on soft 17, which is a hand comprised of only two cards, such as an Ace and a 6 card.
  • You are allowed to double down, only if you have 10 or 11.
  • Splitting pairs will take away your right to double up.
  • Splitting is allowed only one time per hand. In case of additional doubles, re-split is not possible.
  • The dealer is allowed to peek for blackjack if his first card is a 10 card or an Ace.
  • Surrender is not allowed in this version of blackjack.

If you want to try something new and you are tired of the old fashioned game of blackjack, you can try some of its variations, such as Single Deck Blackjack with Judi slot online for free. While the same blackjack rules are in order, you will see that there are some slight differences that make this game more exciting than the original. When you play Single Deck Blackjack, you will play against a dealer, with the only purpose of getting a better hand than the dealer. If your hand sums up to 21, you hit blackjack. Even a lower value is a good result, as long as your dealer does not have a better hand than you. If you get a hand whose value is higher than 21, you bust, which means that you lose. At the beginning of the game, two cards are dealt with each of the players, the dealer included. While your cards will be sitting with their face-up, you will only see one of the dealer’s cards. This will allow you a bit of leeway to construct your strategy since you will be able to choose between stand, hit, double down or split, based on what you see. You can also choose to surrender or to take insurance if you think the dealer will hit blackjack to your disadvantage.

At the end of each hand, the winner is established and wagers are collected. Single Deck Blackjack also has its very specific rules, like the following: It is quite easy to set up a strategy when you play Single Deck Blackjack. Because it is played with a single deck of cards, you will be able to start counting the cards in your mind, in order to establish what will come next. While this may not be a foolproof method, it can still give you a little edge, and help you make the best decisions while playing Single Deck Blackjack. Make sure to evaluate your odds and statistics when you play, so you can make better decisions in the future. Increasing your chances of winning may not be very easy, but, in due time, you will be able to develop a strong sense and a strategy to win at blackjack. If you choose to play this kind of blackjack over others, keep in mind that a good idea is to increase your bets if your hands seem to be on a winning streak, and to avoid insurance, as it may take some of your gains in the end.

Learn Every Type of Poker with Full Color Examples

Learn Every Type of Poker with Full Color Examples adugi is not really even a Poker rules game because you never end up using 5 cards, however this new game is becoming more popular is important to understand for any serious Poker player. Badugi consists of 4 betting rounds total, beginning with only FOUR cards dealt face down to each player.

In Badugi you can draw three times after your dealt the initial four. Badugi is a lowball only game with your goal being an Ace, 2, 3, 4 with all four different suites. So straights and aces don’t hurt you in this game but pairs and flushes do. You want to have no pairs and no 2 cards with the same suite in your hand if possible.

Any hand with no pair and 4 different suits is called a “Four Card Badugi” or just Badugi. So a hand with 2,2,3,4 even with all 4 different suits would be called a “Three Card Badugi”, and would lose to ANY four card Badugi….even A, K , Q, J multicolored beats A223 with all 4 suits different .

Aslo any 3 card Badugi hand beats any 2 card Badugi. The hand 6,8,8,8 with the 6 and one of the 8’s diferent suits can only beat a worse 2 card Badugi hand like 5,5,7,7 with a and 7 of different suits. A one card Badugi hand would be a four card flush or any 4 of a kind.

Note that no one would play these hands but just so you can get an understaning of the game: A four card flush or straight flush like 7,8,9,10 of hearts would be considered a one card 7 Badugi with the lowest or best card being the 7, but this hand would still beat the one card Badugi hand of four eights since the one card 7 is lower than a one card 8 low. This player decided to play these first four cards: Ace, Jack, and a pair of threes.

On his first draw he dropped the Jack but also the 3 of hearts since his Ace was a heart. Now the Eight of clubs helped him since it was failrly low but of a non matching suite. But the Ace paired him so he discarded the Ace for his seconf draw. Now there was only 1 draw left and the only bad card in his hand was the six.

Even though the six was a good low card it was a heart like the Ace giving this player only a “Three Card Badugi” at this point, so he decided to discard the six here. This was pretty risky since the only way he could improve his hand to a “Four Card Badugi” was to get a spade which didn’t match any of his cards.

This player drew a very lucky card on his last draw. The nine of spades gave him a “Four Card Badugi” nine high. Teaching Poker is NOT licensed by any Gaming Commission. There is no real money play available. Learning of every type of card games is necessary for the poker players. Judi Bola online will offer all the essential information to the gamblers for playing of online poker games. No real money is available if the games are not played with the right approach. Examples are checked to get the effective results.

Blackjack Counting Card – Advanced system for placing the cards

This is part 7 of our seven part series on blackjack counting card, where we discuss the more advanced Hi-Opt I system for counting cards. For the list of all articles please click here.

We detail here one of the more advanced blackjack counting strategies, namely the Hi Opt 1 method of card counting. What factors make this more advanced? In actuality all card-counting techniques use at their basis a very simple form of mathematics, which even a 1st grader would not struggle with. The issue with all counting systems is the fact that calculations need to be made mentally and the running count/s remembered; all this while maintaining concentration on the game, using the correct form of the basic strategy and playing naturally in a way that you do not make it obvious that you are card counting. This can require an amazing feat of concentration, composure and skill. Thus we recommend that you first become proficient at using techniques such as the KO counting system or Hi Lo count, before moving to these more difficult systems.

Should I use this method

As already emphasized, we do not recommend advanced techniques unless you have first mastered the basic systems. It is recognized that more advanced techniques do give greater accuracy and edge the advantage further towards the player, but the additional advantage is miniscule. Take into account that more advanced systems are capable of producing more player errors in their mental arithmetic and errors diminish the effectiveness of the system. This being said, for all but the most skilled of card counters, we still suggest sticking to the easier and proven strategies.

Also known as the Einstein count, taken from its founder Charles Einstein, the Hi Opt I count is one of the more advanced types of card counting due to the level of concentration required to master it. The name is an acronym for “Highly Optimum” due to the increased accuracy it provides. gambling site has introduced massive developments in the gambling world with the verification. The playing of the games is with fun and entertainment to get the right and effective results. The amount of the bonuses and rewards are available in the real cash to improve the bank balance. The chances of frauds will be less or reduced

As you may notice, the system appears similar to the Hi Lo count, with the exception of the ace & two (2) are here valued at zero. Aces are actually one of the more valuable cards for the player due to their use as either 1 or 11. Although these are not factored into the main running count, they require a separate side count, which is why this can be a difficult system to learn.

Again, with all the previous systems, the Hi-Opt Count uses a simple addition or deduction of one point according to each card dealt from the croupier. Please observe out table below for the respective card values:

Notice the three sections of number, either valued 0, +1 or –1. The running count starts at zero (0) value and you need to add or subtract one point for each of the cards that appear; the 2, 7, 8, 9 & Ace can be ignored in the main count as they have a neutral value. This is also a balanced count as after counting off one deck of cards the value should revert but to zero if the count was done correctly.

 This strategy also requires a true count, same as with the Hi-Lo strategy. Practice estimating the amount of cards inside the shoe according to normal deck size; additionally monitor the discard pile of cards to see what has already been used. After some time you should be able to make a good enough estimation. Simply divide the running count by the number of remaining decks to give you the true count.

Once you have calculated the true count you can use the betting table below to decide how much you should wager on each subsequent hand. Then dependent on the casino using a two-deck or 6-8 deck shoe, calculate the bet according to a standard bet size. The bet size may be the table minimum or above if you have a sufficient bankroll.

1 2 5