Poker chips are the currency of poker. Each chip has a monetary equivalent and a poker player who wishes to join a poker table has to purchase a set amount of poker chips before he or she can do so. This is especially true for casino poker play rather than a game at home where players can actually use coins instead of chips.

Just as tennis players prefer a certain type of tennis ball brand and composition, poker players around the world have different preferences when it comes to poker chip make. Following is information on the various types of chips currently in use.

Clay Poker Chips

Clay poker chips remain to be the most popular and most preferred poker chips among poker professionals. One of these usually weighs an average of 10 grams and they have a great feel to them that casino poker players favor. Until now, it remains a big secret how clay chips are manufactured. It is generally known, however, that clay chips are not made of pure clay and that sand, chalk and other organic materials are often introduced in their manufacture. Clay poker chips are produced through a labor intensive process of compression molding. To enable security markings and graphics, a thin film of paper inlay is placed over the chip mold and covered with a very thin layer of plastic before compression molding can commence.

The great popularity of clay poker chips, their relatively short lifespan, as well as the labor intensiveness of their manufacture has made this variety one of the most expensive one around; one chip typically costs more than one dollar.

Composite Clay Poker Chips

Composite clay poker chips have steadily gained in popularity through the years and more and more casinos use composite clay chips instead of clay poker chips. Composite poker chips are usually made of ceramic and processed through injection molding. Though they are not made of clay, they usually have an authentic clay feel to them. For further information, you can visit site. The collection of the information about the chips is necessary to play at online site. The poker chips collection is beneficial for playing at the poker tables. It will increase the benefits and enhance the experience.

Clay composite chips are less labor intensive than clay chips and are therefore easier to produce than clay poker chips. Furthermore, they can be more easily customized with security etchings, markings, and graphics so that a poker cheat cannot easily get away with bringing his own chips to a poker tournament. Adding graphics to clay composite poker chips does not require so meticulous a process as required in true clay chips. The graphics are simply printed on the face of the composite clay chips.

The combination of easier production, easier addition of security feature, and durability of composite clay chips contribute to their rising popularity in poker.

Composite Plastic with Metal Poker Chips

For the novice or budding poker players, or for poker players who usually play at home with their buddies, the composite plastic chips will make a good poker chip choice. They are usually molded plastic with a metal core added in for weight. These are the most durable of poker chips and are usually manufactured in China.