Omaha poker is increasingly becoming more popular especially online at sites like 바둑이. Poker and the tables are becoming very active in most poker rooms which makes a lot of people want to try the game out. I have played Omaha for about a year now and let me tell you personally that it’s a great game for poker players of all levels as it’s very simple to learn. The rules of the game are very similar to Texas Holdem rules except for the fact you get four cards instead of two cards dealt with you at the beginning of the hand. With two extra cards being dealt with each hand to every player a lot of the deck is in play every hand. Your strategy for Omaha is going to need to differ a lot from Texas Holdem and the switch can cost you some money in the beginning while you become used to the game.

The number one thing I noticed about playing Omaha poker is that the action is a lot more fierce than Texas Holdem poker. In Texas Holdem ring games you’ll see small raises and a few showdowns, but for the most part, players only play their best cards which aren’t often. In Omaha poker, every player gets four cards which opens up the options for great hands and causes more players to play in more hands. There are a lot of preflop raises which are normally called by most of the table to the flop.

Once the flop hits the board and everyone can see if they hit a draw or hand it helps get some players out of the pot. Usually, a player will make a bet on the flop and two to three players will make the call. I also noticed on that a high percentage of hands in Omaha go down to the showdown online. All of these facts are there because most Omaha players are either new poker players or players switching from Texas Holdem.

In Texas Holdem, it’s often to see one pair or two pairs win a good-sized pot, but in Omaha poker, there is usually always a straight, flush, or full house. This makes the game difficult because most players will bet there two pair while they have no clue two other players hold monster hands. Monster hands in Texas Holdem aren’t monster in Omaha poker and this is the main thing you need to worry about. If you don’t have a straight, flush, or full house then you probably don’t have much of a shot at winning the pot in Omaha and shouldn’t be in pots unless you have something this good.

One of the best strategies to use in Omaha poker while playing on Poker Stars is to play tight and not get involved in making calls to make hands. If the pot is raised preflop then don’t throw away $4-$5 or whatever it happens to be, because over time this starts to add up and can hurt you. Tight poker in Omaha will pay off, and when you do hit a good hand don’t be scared to bet it or make a raise. Players are very loose in Omaha from my experience and it’s important to know that because you can’t be scared of the big betting or you stand no chance.