Oh no! Swine Flu is the latest crisis to engulf the world! This global disease can lead to a flu-type illness, and perhaps even death. People exhibiting any symptoms should straight away lock themselves away in a closed room with no windows, and a steady supply of food. But what about you? You’re not Ill, and you do not want to get that way! Should you stay indoors, and avoid risking catching it? Naaah….you are going out, dammit! There is a casino close by, and you want your roulette fix.

Fortunately for you, live online TV roulette could be your answer. Why take the risk of going to a crowded casino to play a live roulette game, packed with other people and their horrible germs? Who knows whose sweaty disease-ridden hands held those chips before you? How do you know that the bloke breathing over your shoulder isn’t already fermenting a nice batch of evil pig generated influenza?

Staying at home and playing live TV roulette online will help reduce your risk! There’s no chance of catching anything from watching the TV (although playing on your PC is slightly more risky if you have let others use the keyboard). This could become the latest weapon in the battle against global disease terrorism! Aside from the none-contact with others, it’s almost exactly like playing a real game in a real casino like 365bet mobile . There’s a real, healthy, live croupier (well, we hope he is healthy), spinning a real roulette wheel. You can place bets through your interactive TV or internet connection, and get credited instantly with any wins. There’s no human contact whatsoever.

It could be the live online TV roulette channels new slogan! “Playing Roulette With Us Can Help Your Health”! There is no risk of catching anything nasty, let alone of death by roulette! The alternative of going to casinos in a full-body protection suit is too hideous to bear; the thought alone of all those fluorescent red suits standing around the table is enough to give me a migraine.

Just think about it – this could wipe out all international diseases and viruses! No more measles, mumps, or chicken pox. The health benefits could be enormous! And with the saving of doctors time, and reduction in money spent on medical research, we could be out of this global recession in no time at all. Watching live TV roulette online is solving so many problems, on so many levels, it’s unbelievable. Roulette: The healthy choice! Although no doubt pizza delivery services may somewhat reduce the benefits, as I suspect most people would avoid isolation for deliver services.

If the internet had been available during the dark ages, how many millions of lives could it have saved? The Black Death could have been wiped out in weeks; the plague would be over faster than news about it could be spread. Ancient civilizations wouldn’t have to worry about catching chicken pox for the first time. They could just stay indoors and play. Hi there? Got the pox? Stay away from me, I’m playing roulette!