Overview of guide to storm in marvel:

avengers alliance as mentioned on 먹튀검증토토사이트 – Pun intended a stiff breeze could knock Storm over. She has low health and low defense and only her high evasion gives her any meaningful protection against attacks. In return for this, though, she deals incredibly high damage and is arguably the best multi-target damage dealer in the game. Her best use is against high defense enemies, but only when she has some sort of bodyguard to protect her from taking damage.

How to Obtain –

Storm can be purchased for 48 command points.

Special Abilities –

Flying –

This special ability makes Storm immune to ground attacks. Ground attacks are pretty rare in the game, but it is better than nothing.

Lightning (Level 1) –

Lightning is Storm’s lowest damage attack, but it helps set up her later attacks and still deals with solid damage. For a moderately low stamina cost, this attack deals moderate damage and puts a debuff on the target that causes the target to take additional damage whenever an electric attack is used, including when this attack is first made.

Protective Shroud (Level 2) –

This special ability protects Storm and her allies from all-weather attacks and provides a chance to completely evade single target attacks. This might be enough to protect Storm from being defeated but isn’t foolproof. A good bodyguard is more assured defense and lets Storm be more offensive from the start.

Blizzard (Level 6) –

For a moderate stamina cost, Blizzard deals moderate damage to all enemies and applies the chilled status effect for additional damage over time. This is by far one of the most efficient area damage attacks in the game. The only drawback is that it doesn’t activate the extra damage effect of Lightning.

Tornado (Level 9) –

This very high stamina cost attack deals high damage to all enemies and deals additional damage against targets that are chilled. In addition, this attack activates the additional damage effect of Lightning. When used after Blizzard, this attack will almost certainly defeat all non-boss enemies in the fight.


Storm is required to unlock the epic boss Magneto in mission 4 of chapter 4.

PvP –

Storm is terrible in PvP. Despite her incredibly high damage potential, she is simply too fragile to meaningfully deal that damage. She is likely to be defeated in the first round, especially against teams fielding Captain America or Emma Frost. The only particularly good team up for her is Thor, who also deals with electric damage and very high damage. Such a team would be designed to deal with massive damage quickly without worrying about later rounds.

Variant Uniforms –

Storm has to versions of the Classic Storm variant uniform: the tactician version and the blaster version. The blaster version is worthless since it is just a skin change, but the tactician version allows Storm to combo her attacks more efficiently when there are blaster enemies in the fight.