Learn Every Type of Poker with Full Color Examples adugi is not really even a Poker rules game because you never end up using 5 cards, however this new game is becoming more popular is important to understand for any serious Poker player. Badugi consists of 4 betting rounds total, beginning with only FOUR cards dealt face down to each player.

In Badugi you can draw three times after your dealt the initial four. Badugi is a lowball only game with your goal being an Ace, 2, 3, 4 with all four different suites. So straights and aces don’t hurt you in this game but pairs and flushes do. You want to have no pairs and no 2 cards with the same suite in your hand if possible.

Any hand with no pair and 4 different suits is called a “Four Card Badugi” or just Badugi. So a hand with 2,2,3,4 even with all 4 different suits would be called a “Three Card Badugi”, and would lose to ANY four card Badugi….even A, K , Q, J multicolored beats A223 with all 4 suits different .

Aslo any 3 card Badugi hand beats any 2 card Badugi. The hand 6,8,8,8 with the 6 and one of the 8’s diferent suits can only beat a worse 2 card Badugi hand like 5,5,7,7 with a and 7 of different suits. A one card Badugi hand would be a four card flush or any 4 of a kind.

Note that no one would play these hands but just so you can get an understaning of the game: A four card flush or straight flush like 7,8,9,10 of hearts would be considered a one card 7 Badugi with the lowest or best card being the 7, but this hand would still beat the one card Badugi hand of four eights since the one card 7 is lower than a one card 8 low. This player decided to play these first four cards: Ace, Jack, and a pair of threes.

On his first draw he dropped the Jack but also the 3 of hearts since his Ace was a heart. Now the Eight of clubs helped him since it was failrly low but of a non matching suite. But the Ace paired him so he discarded the Ace for his seconf draw. Now there was only 1 draw left and the only bad card in his hand was the six.

Even though the six was a good low card it was a heart like the Ace giving this player only a “Three Card Badugi” at this point, so he decided to discard the six here. This was pretty risky since the only way he could improve his hand to a “Four Card Badugi” was to get a spade which didn’t match any of his cards.

This player drew a very lucky card on his last draw. The nine of spades gave him a “Four Card Badugi” nine high. Teaching Poker is NOT licensed by any Gaming Commission. There is no real money play available. Learning of every type of card games is necessary for the poker players. Judi Bola online will offer all the essential information to the gamblers for playing of online poker games. No real money is available if the games are not played with the right approach. Examples are checked to get the effective results.