The development of online casinos doesn’t stop at one place. Many companies are working hard so that they can introduce something absolutely new and fresh. Only it may help to stand out at the background of the other software providers and keep people playing. It is always necessary to keep up with pace of developing of modern technologies and the introduction of new options and features. The latest thing, that appeared at the sites was live dealer online casino. What is it? Let’s take a close look at it in this article.

Live dealer casinos provide with an opportunity to play some games with live dealers. Players can see and communicate with them through a web-cam. Certainly, it has become possible thanks to the introduction of advanced technologies and high speed Internet connections. This feature is available today not at every gambling site and not all games can be played with live dealer. Certainly, this feature makes gambling more exciting and attracts many players. In fact playing at live dealer online casinos is partly like playing at traditional gambling houses. Gamblers may even play with other people in a one virtual room.

Such feature was introduced in order to make the process of online gambling more vivid, as it may become boring to compete just against the machine knowing perfectly well that the outcome fully depends on Random Number Generator. No human factor may play its role and influence the process in whole. Just like them, the English league scores(skor liga inggris) can also fetch you huge out profits from it. Non need to wait for long because the scores are live and one can easily see them. So the chances of winning are very high in this and you can easily recover the losses you have faced till now.

However, today live dealer casinos have certain disadvantages. First of all, it is necessary to have high speed connection with the Internet to be able to play live dealer casino games. Moreover, there are no player logs that can be checked. It means that in case of an unfair deal, a player have no resources. And in recent past the question of fairness of live dealer online casinos was really acute, as the games were facilitated via third parties. Beyond all doubts, it raised many questions. Today the games are played through casino operators themselves, what gives more confidence in the honesty and safety.

Certainly, it is just the first step up the ladder for live dealer online casinos. And today people may try it at practice only at the gambling sites from such software providers as Microgaming, Cryptologic and Playtech. As for the games, the choice is also limited. Quite recently Evolution Gaming has also received an approval from eCOGRA to introduce live dealer software in online casinos. Blackjack, video poker and baccarat can only be played with live dealer. Moreover, players should certainly read the reviews and comments about them in order not to be cheated.

As for U.S. gamblers, they today have only a few options to play with leave dealers and they should be really careful with the choice.

However, despite all these facts, the future of this option is quite evident. In a few years, players will be able to gamble with live dealers at almost every online casino and choose any game they like. It will be the next step of online casino evolution.