Since the bill UIGEA was passed in the USA in 2006, people don’t stop arguing about it. I’d like to remind you that this bill is aimed at the prohibition of money transactions between gamblers and U.S. online casinos. It has definitely made online gambling in the USA rather complicated and not so convenient. Such situation had a negative impact on gamblers as well as gambling site operators. Certainly, when it happened gambling sites and online poker rooms in the USA united together to resist such an unfairness, but their efforts didn’t bring any results. Today these two branches are going to separate from each other. Will it happen? And what is the reason of such a decision?

As I’ve already said the representatives of online casinos and online poker rooms have been struggling for a long time to repeal the UIGEA. The representatives of the Interactive Gaming Council and the Poker Players Cases took also an active part in the process. They tried to stay together as in the majority of cases the owners of gambling sites and poker rooms are run by the same operators.

Poker is a game that is in the interest of the players. This is a card game, so all the players have some kind of knowledge. This is a game that is based on the strategies of the players. A most platform like qq slot provides a variety of poker game to the player.

However, the absence of the results changed the situation with USA online casinos. The Poker Players Cases laid a stress on the difference between online casino games and poker. In fact, the representatives of this sphere say that poker is a game of skill and thus the existing laws cannot be applied to it. Certainly, luck plays its own role in poker game, but it is not so strong, as at gambling sites. And they underline, that the factor of luck is present almost at any game in the world including football and hockey.

The difference is that it is possible to win at poker with the help of skills and experience rather than with simply being lucky. Several studies were conducted to prove it, and the result shows that a better poker player will definitely win over a weaker one within a certain period of time. And even if we compare this game with slot machines, which are the most popular game at gambling sites, or with roulette, we will see the difference. In slots or roulette and many other games it is impossible to influence the result. Neither skills, nor experience will help to change the outcome. But while playing poker, people are able to get the wins by using effective strategies and useful tips.

From one point of view, it is definitely good, as people will get an opportunity to play poker without any restrictions, but from the other point of view, the gambling industry will be divided into two parts. And if the representatives of poker sphere succeed, then the whole industry would be ruined. Poker brings incredible profit, and I am sure that many operators would sacrifice online casinos to be able to enter the sphere of poker. However, today there is nothing to be afraid of, as the government is not going to accept poker as the game of skills.

The UIGEA is still in force. And many people, including online casino operators and the representatives of poker rooms, are dreaming about full freedom. But the only thing we can is to wait, as numerous protests have shown that it doesn’t work today.