Ladies Poker. The ladies winding pursued my childhood. A sexy piece of Op-money-sink, which forced me to (illegally, according to my age at the time) came to the development of the doubtful passages bad manga style naked women are always bad things. I learned to play 52 cards in the U.S. version of poker, however, and I was only 13 years. Now, this is something I call a good start in my life. And I owe it all to the ladies of poker. I, of course, expect something more than a decade and enjoy their free dance in MAME, but it was too late. No one can by schools and universities without any decent poker skills to arrive, and now no one can resist looking at stupid Texas Hold’em tournaments on television.

Telltale Texas Hold’em is not on TV, it takes on the PC. It was actually the first game, published by the masters of the adventure (hopefully) of Telltale and has been for a long time. Apparently, there is a poker game. Variety of Texas Hold’em. Of course, this is not a serious player in the software of the teacher-coach or a hardcore/simulation of ultra-high performance. While Telltale Texas Hold’em poker game and a decent choice, is the great attraction of the atmosphere and characters. 

Listening to the characters and the atmosphere in a poker game, you say? Well, yes. There are about four characters and 3D animation with love, each playing its own personality and style of play the sport so unique. His mid-game banter is great, funny, and sometimes downright funny, their facial expressions are great, and all is well directed. Camera movements and zooms, cuts straight, looking for players to move their pieces carefully, speaks about his grandmother dead husbands and Boris tries to be a tyrant and not desperate. Effect of voice is excellent and really helps the meat of these four characters are eccentric, you are playing against. The characters are a testimony to the origins revealing: there are no other LucasArts adventures of the 90th

The most impressive part of this game is the variety and quantity of dialogue included. You have to play a while before some phrases feel overworked and even after 25 hours of poker action, you will still hear the odd unexpected line and/or a joke, to begin with. Great writing and clever programming to make it all happen in a discharge that is under 20 megabytes. Unfortunately, not much else in these less-than-20 megabytes included. Only one game mode, only 4 characters to play a role, and a screen resolution possible, just a tutorial/introduction to the text.

On the other hand, Telltale Texas hold ’em is just $ 12.99, and no doubt will give you hours and hours of entertainment stupid. Finally, you quickly learn when to fold, when to increase your bet when bluffing and when to call the other characters bluff. However, Interwin88 is highly recommended if you are looking for traditional tables games that you find in land-based casinos around you.