The Venetian Poker Room in Las Vegas is a cut above the rest. It’s one of the largest poker rooms in town at about 11,000 square feet with 39 tables inside the room itself and room for many more temporary tables just outside the entrance. The golden brown and yellow furnishings fit nicely into the elegant hotel/casino surroundings and the staff is cordial and helpful to novices and tourists alike.

What really makes the Venetian Poker Room a front runner is its slate of daily weekday and weekend tournaments. In addition to the regular cash game offerings, Limit and No Limit Hold ‘em, Omaha, and even stud from time to time, the noon day tournament is a big attraction.

Anywhere from 120-180 people show up on any given day and with a $120 buy-in that brings the 1st prize to around $9000. Not bad when most of the other daily tournaments in town are lucky to fill 3 or 4 tables with far inferior prize pools. Weekend tournaments cost a bit more, draw a bigger crowd and pay more. If you are looking for guaranteed action and a chance at a decent pay out, the Venetian is worth checking out.

Be careful of the “locals” at this poker room. They are here but they are harder to stop than at smaller rooms where they generally wear jeans and tee shirts. Here they dress to blend in with the mostly tourist crowd. They will be the ones playing as tight as a clam at the limit tables and trying to raise you out of pots you’ve already counted in no-limit games. Online poker games playing experience is increased when the use the bonus code for William Hill is done. No limit is there on playing the card games at different poker rooms and tables. The drawing of the number is automatic at the table to offer the potential benefits. 

Four times a year the Venetian Poker Room hosts their Deep Stack Extravaganzas. Although the majority of events in the tournament schedule are No Limit Hold ‘em events, they do have a H.O.R.S.E event, an Omaha Eight-or-Better event, and a Pot-Limit Omaha tournament. Buy-ins range from $200 for satellite events to $5000 for the main event. Attendance is excellent and the prizes are huge. Many pros have been known to use these events as warm-ups for the World Series of Poker.

Poker rooms are for poker; everyone knows that, but at the Venetian they make sure other amenities are close at hand. Along one of the rear walls of the room, convenient to most tables is a coffee/tea station that is well equipped and always stocked with fresh supplies. Donuts and pastries are often present and all free of charge. Of course if you’d rather not get up, there are plenty of waitresses to take care of your drink needs as you continue playing.

Back hurts? Call the massage experts and they’ll straighten you out right at your table for a buck a minute. Hungry? Menus are available and food is served right at your table. If you are planning a 4 or 5 hour poker session and crave the comforts of home, the Venetian Poker Room is where you want to be.