Learning roulette is not a paticularly difficult challenge. Players need to understand the rules and the different bets. This page will show players how to get used to roulette quickly and what exactly the special bets are and how they can help players win more.

In roulette there is something called an outside bet. This is a bet that is not in the main playing area (1-37). There are plenty of different outside bets that pay well, that players can try out to try and win extra cash.

Red or Black Players can choose to wager a bet based on the next number being a red one or black one. At the lower end of the board, there are diamond shaped boxes which are covered in a red or black color, players need to put their wages here. This is one of the most common bets for roulette, because it is so simple to understand. Alot of people think that if it comes in black 10 times in a row, there is a better chance of the next being red; this is not true. There is always an equal chance of it being black or red. Each spin is independant so just bet on any number. These bets are paid even money 1:1.

Odd or Even Like the red or black bet, when the payout comes in, players will be paid out on a basis of 1:1 or even money. Players need to decide whether the next number to come in is going to be an odd or even number. They need to put their chips in the Odds or Even boxes in order for the bet to be placed. If the correct number lands, they will be paid out their winnings.

Low or high Roulette allows players to bet on range of numbers, so players can choose if they think high or low numbers are going to come into play. They can bet on the next number being 1-18 or being 19-36. If the player predicts this correctly, then they will be paid out based on a 1:1 payout win; even money again! You can use https://tokyoslot88.com/ to make legal bets on casino games. This website is filled with numerous casino games. From roulette to poker to slots everything can be played over these sites. transaction for betting is done before the betting starts. 

Columns Players can actually bet on different columns as well as the individual numbers. Look for the 3 different columns that have 2 to 1 written on them. Each section covers 12 numbers and if the ball lands on the column the player has chosen, then they will be paid out 2 to 1. Many people dont believe this is an outside bet, but it actually is, so make the most of it.

Dozens The dozens bet is not as popular as many of the other outside bets, but it is similar to the columns bet. Players can choose to pick 3 different dozens. They need to ball to land on one of the numbers that is within the dozen that they have chosen. If this happens, then the player will be paid out at the rate of 2:1, slightly better than a red/black type bet.

The inside bets on a roulette table are created using the actual numbers on the table or a combination of numbers that are on the table. Bets need to create the minimum bet or higher, otherwise they will not be taken into account.

Straight-up bet A straight up bet in roulette is choosing one of the 37 numbers and betting on it individually. This will payout at a rate of 35:1.

Split bet Roulette rules dictate that a player can split a bet between two numbers on the board that are next to each other. This bet will create a win of 17:1 on two different numbers, giving players a better chance of winning that a straight bet.

Street bet A street bet allows players to split their money across three numbers on their board, increasing their chances of a win. Players do this by placing the chip on the outside section of the row of numbers they want to bet on. Odds dictate that this will create a win of 11:1 for the player.

Corner bet A corner bet is a popular bet in roulette. This bet allows players to bet on the corners of 4 different numbers, splitting their chances of winning down even further. Of course, the actual win is incredibly small in comparison to a straight bet at 8:1, but it still gives good odds of winning.

Square bet The square bet is created by placing the bet at the inter section of the 0 and 3. Players will win this bet if the number 0-3 are landed on and will be paid out at 8:1.