Slots are undoubtedly considered to be one of the most popular gambling casino games. It’s hard to imagine a modern casino without a œone arm bandit there are loads of slots of various types and themes with different sound effects. In a manner of speaking, online casinos like 188 loto casino trực tuyến tốt nhất việt nam are all about slots and vice versa. But only a few people do still remember how it all began. œEverything of genius was born in a garage – that is what the old wisdom says and that is exactly what happened to slots.

In 1888 an American with German origins Charles August Fey invented the first-ever prototype of the slot machine just in his car repair station in San Francisco (even though many people claim it was not the first one at all). This machine consisted of three reels that moved at different paces depending on the force pressing the handle. The reels were colored with patterns (as in modern slots machines). The very first sample of the slot machine invented by Charles Fey had reels decorated with suits and bells that’s why the machine was named as the Liberty Bell. It admitted 5-cent coins and the highest possible winning was 10 coins. Later, in 1910, Fey designed an automatic poker play machine the ancestor of the current video poker, and, by the way, bonuses can be found here.

From its first days, slots were located in the bars and saloons to entertain the visitors, the owners of the facilities themselves used to grant the winners with money prizes or with drinks. Fey demised his machines to these places for half of the profits as a rental fee; he wouldn’t sell the license of the Liberty Bell to anyone.

For approximately 6 years Charles August Fey used to make his machines himself (they were totally handmade), but high popularity and the rapidly growing demand for the œone-armed bandits forced Charles to build a factory producing slot machines in 1896. However, it had existed for 10 years only and was destroyed by the fire. Meanwhile, Liberty Bells’ prototypes were already manufactured by various factories all over the USA.

The slots were gaining huge popularity very fast, which attracted the attention of American authorities. They disapproved of the fact that bars and shop owners didn’t pay any taxes on the profit they got from the machines, and actually, it was sort of impossible to calculate the profits. That’s why at the beginning of the 20th century the US authorities claimed the slots illegal. The ones who created or distributed them were fined.

To avoid punishment, slot machines owners improved the payment system they replaced coins with special coins (one could change them into real money at the cash desk). But, later, when the gambling business was officially permitted in the Nevada State, slot machines filled casinos and become their integral part.

In 1975-76 first video slots appeared. But it took them time to earn players’ interest. Afterward, when in 1979 video poker machine was introduced, video slots made people go insane.

It seemed nothing new was possible to bring into the sphere. Wrong! Guaranteed Play company invented the machine that offered a certain number of hands for this or that amount of money. It enabled players to receive sheer pleasure from playing and prevent large losses.

Nowadays video slots (including 3d slots, such as Fun Fire Ride Jackpot) are sort of essential in any online casino and one of the easiest ways to win decent money. Playing online casino slots is fun and profitable. Play video slots for real money and get lucky!