If you play on https://agen99.live and want to earn on a regular basis so that it becomes a source of income, then there is a way to achieve this. We have to create our own game system, and the basis for a common principle, for example, the Martingale principle. Below we will tell you how to act on the steps.

Step one

The essence of the Martingale system is that the player must only bet on red or black and every loss must increase his bet. However, as well as players, this system is known by casino owners who have taken some action. Therefore, we definitely do not recommend using these methods in practice, playing for money. You can meet casino limits – you can not put them on or under a certain amount. This is especially done to combat players using similar systems. All you can do is study these principles to create a truly functional scheme based on them.

Second step

It does not matter which principle is the basis of your methodology, which will help you constantly win the roulette. It suffices to provide a mathematical victory. If your system has nuance and assumes that you will sometimes lose, then the money you earn should compensate for these losses.

Step Three

The casino completes its budget with the players, so if you are one of them, then we do not recommend you go there. Your task is to learn how to play intelligently without losing control of you, such as those who fall in captivity with emotion. A smart player can always stop on time. Their game system can not be called interesting, but by strictly following it, it can earn constantly.

Step four

Players in online roulette should not rely on luck because the outcome of rotation depends on the operation of the casino program. Especially for those who use the Martingale system, protective measures are ensured – the constant fall of the same color. This is another reason to play roulette according to an independently developed system. Then, there is a chance to overcome the program that controls the rotation of the roulette.

Step Five

The majority of players’ opinion that it is always possible to win more is fundamentally wrong and leads to the fact that they eventually lose everything. Remember – any game strategy you use will not let you endlessly win. Optimally, if you earn up to 30% of the deposit – for more, and it does not matter. At the same time, there is some dependence on the earnings on the deposit – the higher it is, the less the percentage you shine. And if you’ve earned 10% of the game budget then it’s enough – go to another casino, do not risk, and continue. You certainly will not win so much that it makes sense.

In general, your game will be even safer, the less you want to win. And he does not write the theory of probability, which claims that the next after winning the game is better to refuse, not to lose. But also if you are unlucky and 10% you lose – this is also an excuse to end the game and do not try to recover.

Step six

Record the game. Casinos also do this, but your records will be much more reliable. Then review and analyze how successful the method was.

And finally, we’ll give some useful advice. On the casino site, there are number of tables that fall on the roulette wheel and you may be tempted to bet on those who have not fallen. Do not give it to him, so that you do not risk or lose in the end.