The best way to win at slots online is by following a few simple rules. You can’t always know in advance what the game will end up paying, and even when you do, it’s not always going to be right. So here are some tips on how to win at slots online, as well as some strategies for picking winning combinations. 

Slots have a very simple premise. There are five reels, with one symbol per reel. The symbols that appear on each reel are determined by the pay table. In most cases, there are three rows of symbols. Each row has ten symbols, so the total number of possible combinations is 30 (3 x 10). However, most casinos place only two of these reels in play. They call this 2D5 or Double Five, which means that if the first reel contains a combination like “BB” or “DD”, then the second reel will show an “A”. 

Here are the basic things that affect your chances of winning. 

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Symbols per Line 

Symbols per Line is a measure of how many symbols are actually displayed on the slot machine. If you’re playing a 5-reel game with 20 symbols per reel, then the maximum number of possible combinations would be 200,000. But most players see no more than 20 symbols on any given spin. Some games display only nine symbols!

In general, the more symbols per line, the better the chance of getting a winning combination. The problem is, most machines that have 20 symbols per reel also have a bonus multiplier of 3x or 4x. That means that if you get four matching symbols on a line, you’ll get 12 points instead of just four points. The higher the bonus multiplier is, the less likely you are to hit a winning combination. 

Bonus Multipliers 

There are two types of bonuses available: a fixed multiplier, and a variable multiplier. A fixed multiplier is basically an extra point awarded to all symbols on the screen. For example, if a slot has a fixed multiplier of 3x, you’ll get 9 points for every symbol you match. Variable multipliers, however, use either a percentage or a fixed amount – but they’re usually much lower than the fixed multipliers. When multiplying a set of symbols, variable multipliers use percentages between 0% and 100%. For example, a variable multiplier of 50% would mean that for every three symbols matched, you’d get 1.5 additional points. 


The size of the bet you make is another important factor in determining whether you’ll win or lose. Of course, the more money you spend, the bigger your chances of hitting a winning combination. But if you bet too little, you won’t cover the cost of the prize. The minimum bet is generally $0.01. Most people don’t bother with betting anything smaller than a dollar because there are so many ways to lose a lot of money before finally breaking even. 

Maximum Bet 

The maximum bet is the largest amount you’re willing to risk. This is generally determined by bankroll management techniques. If you’re using a progressive jackpot, then your max bet is equal to the jackpot value. Otherwise, you should bet up until the point at which you’ve lost half of your bankroll. 


The payout refers to how much the casino pays out to winners. Payouts can range from 25 percent to 95 percent, depending on the popularity of the game and the casino’s reputation. Payouts are usually expressed as a percentage of the total wagers placed. For instance, if the casino pays 90 percent of what it bets back to its customers, then it’s said to pay out at 90 percent. 

The most common form of payout is the “Progressive” Jackpot. Most progressives start off with a small cash prize, known as the “Base.” Over time, the jackpot increases until someone hits the big break. 

You may find other forms of payout as well. There are slot games with different payout options, including “Fixed,” “Variable,” “Multiply,” and “Exclusive.” These are explained below. 

Fixed Payout

This is the simplest form of payout. The jackpot starts off small, and slowly grows over time. Once the jackpot reaches a certain point, the payout is fixed. It doesn’t change unless the jackpot is hit. Fixed payouts are often found on multi-million dollar jackpots, though they’re rarer than you might think. 

Variable Payout

Variable payouts work similar to fixed payouts, except that the jackpot grows based on the time spent waiting for the player to win. The jackpot starts low, and gradually gets larger. If the player wins before the jackpot reaches its maximum, the jackpot resets and continues growing again. Like fixed payouts, variable payouts are more popular when the jackpot is huge. 

Multiply Payout

A multiply payout works in a similar fashion to a variable payout. The jackpot starts low, and builds over time. Every time the player matches a winning combination, the jackpot gets multiplied by some predetermined amount. If the player misses, she loses everything. Multiply payouts are common on video poker machines, where the player must match multiple cards.

Exclusive Payout

An exclusive payout is a special kind of jackpot – one that’s only paid once. After a player hits the jackpot, he or she receives nothing else. The jackpot resets to its original starting value, and the player is allowed to keep whatever he earned during his winning streak. Exclusive payouts are uncommon, but they happen occasionally in casinos that want to encourage long term loyalty. 

These are the main factors that determine whether you’ll win or lose at slots. But that’s not enough information to guarantee success. Here’s another rule of thumb: if you’re playing a slot game that has a high bonus multiplier, it’s probably worth playing. The reason is simple: the more you play, the greater your chances of hitting a winning combination. 

If you’re really stuck, it’s OK to ask the dealer for help. Many casinos offer a “help desk” service, where players can talk to representatives about strategy and specific games.