Gambling might seem like just that, a risk waged with specifically set odds of winning or losing. How then can psychology play into your odds of winning? There are several ways in which understanding certain aspects of the inner workings of the human brain that can actually make you a better player at the casino. If you follow these psychology tips, you can use science to increase your odds of winning.

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Get enough sleep:

You’ve probably heard time and time again of the health benefits of sleep. Well, as it turns out, the amount of sleep you get before making that trip to the casino can actually affect your ability to win. This is because sleep or lack there-of can greatly boost or hinder your ability to make logical decisions. By getting the recommended amount of sleep, you will be more aware of when to quit before you lose too much in the slot machines, and when you are making the right move in a strategic card game. Furthermore, a lack of sleep can affect the areas in the brain that control our ability to cope with stress. Gambling can be stressful, and in order to prevent that stress from getting to you, you should be at your own optimal physical state for coping with risky situations.

Look for the most nervous opponents:

Keep your eyes on signs of overactive nerves in fellow players. Be on the lookout for individuals who have a hard time maintaining their own composure. These people may be more easy to read and can therefore give themselves away when playing strategic games such as poker. Things to notice include touching their hair or face, avoiding looking at your face and nervous ticks and movements.

Don’t over indulge in food or alcohol:

It may seem obvious to recommend avoiding total drunkenness when gambling. Nobody is at their best mental or physical state to make strategic decisions when they are overly-imbibed. Some studies reveal that while decision making is definitely impaired, it is equally concerning that when intoxicated people begin to care less about the possible consequences of their own decisions. Not only will people tend to make poor decisions while drunk, they won’t consider how this will negatively affect them. It’s therefore a better choice to buy that drink after you win big than to indulge before entering that epic poker match.

Bet on an empty stomach:

It may not be much of a shocker that drinking too much alcohol can affect decision-making, but what about food? Is there a limit to how much you should eat when gambling? Researchers have found that you can actually make better quick decisions on an empty stomach, when you are in what scientists refer to as a “hot state” of mind. Studies have demonstrated that when gambling without eating food, participants made better decisions that led to more financial gains. So if you want to make the most of your next casino trip, eat a hearty breakfast, but hold off on the lunch buffet until after you have gained some winnings.

Now that you know these tricks, you can make the most of your trip to the casino. Get a good night’s sleep, don’t eat too much and keep your eyes on the other players. Please remember to play responsibly and stay healthy while gambling.