The gambling industry today has evolved so much that billions of people are participating in online gambling , but these days there are two kinds of gambling available. One is traditional gambling in which you go to a casino and start playing at some table. These kinds of casinos have their own atmosphere and people who go there are willing to go there at any cost.

These casinos have a usually a formal dress code, if you want to go there you need to wear a certain dress otherwise you are not allowed in there. The most famous place where you can find the best casinos of this type is in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is not about gambling, it is a totally enjoyable experience.

Traditional gambling business was at its peak up to 1990’s, but then someone introduced the concept of online gambling. That’s a more advanced gambling type. You can play casino games sitting at your home just by some clicks of your mouse. Online gambling has evolved in past few years. It is still not legal in United States but people do it through illegal ways.

Up to 200 there were few hundred online casinos but according to a survey in 2006 there number was almost uncountable and we are now in 2010 you can imagine what will be number of online casinos and gamblers? Initially in 1990’s online gambling was not very popular as people do not have access to personal computer and those who had were using dial up connection to connect to internet that was not very up to the mark, but as time changed and people got more attracted towards personal computers, computers became cheap and then internet speeds also got better.

That was the time when people thought that well it’s the best thing we can play in casinos without getting out of our home comfort. Initially funds security was a problem and people were hesitant in investing their money but these days’ people totally trust these online casinos. A huge difference is there in the playing methods of traditional and modern online gambling. The use of the strong hands is required to play at Poker QQ site. The card games are played blind to check the luck at the rooms. The understanding of the difference between playing methods is must for the players. 

Traditional gambling has its own charm but after the popularity of online gambling there has been decay in traditional gambling. There are many reasons for that. First of all online gambling has made it easy for everyone to play casino games. There are online casinos who even offer free tutorials to the new comers and people can find a lot of material over internet that will help them in playing the right game in right style. Online casinos offer you to play free for experience and there is no embarrassment involved when you forget some rule of the game.

The most luxurious thing that attracts of the people to online casinos is the comfort of home. You can play while sitting in you comfortable chair at home while wearing any kind of dress. People have not to wait for their turn to open the table or place a bet you can play anytime anyplace any game.

These are the things that have made online gambling a success. Now let’s take a look that why people have put traditional gambling in the back? There are many reasons for that first of all people traditional gambling is more for pro’s, if you are a new comer then it becomes almost impossible for you to win something in casinos and it could take you months of practice to be able to win something.

There is no one who will help you in knowing the game rules. Then there are people who do not like smoky and congested environment of casinos. There is a lot of rush in casinos and you have to wait fo every game to play.

Lot of things can be said in favor of online gambling and against traditional gambling but people who have tried both, if you get their opinion they will say that you have better chances of winning at online gambling but in real casinos you have an unforgettable experience that you can never find in online gambling.

So in short if you are going to compare online gambling versus traditional gambling then the winner will be online gambling according to business but you cannot forget the charm and the grace that traditional gambling has provided to you. Everyone should experience both kinds of gambling in order to know what is best for you. Although I enjoy online gambling.