If you are a blackjack player that wants to increase your chances of getting casino comps, this article is for you. Hundreds of Las Vegas websites and gambling websites will tell you to play blackjack for the most comps. These sites will also tell you how to improve your game so that you might have a better chance of winning at blackjack. What they don’t tell you is that sitting at a full blackjack table is one of the best tips for receiving higher casino comps.

Before I go further, I should point out that I never suggest playing a casino game, including blackjack, only for comps. Your main concern while playing a casino game is your money. If a comp becomes the major concern, you run that chance of losing more money than you intended to.

Casinos rate your average bet, and length of time that you are playing a table game, like blackjack, to compute your comps. The pit boss will take the dollar amount that you are betting on each hand and plug that into a computer. Then, the pit boss will enter in your start time at the table, and when you end playing. If you have changed your bet amount at any time, this will be noted, and will affect your casino comps.

I should spend a moment to clear up a common misconception about casino comps. There are many people that believe that you casino comps increase with the number of hands of blackjack that you play. This is untrue. The number of rounds of blackjack that you play is never entered into a computer, so it has no chance of changing the amount of casino comps that you might receive.

A full blackjack table will slow down the amount that you play. Instead of playing a new hand every minute, you might play a new hand every five or six minutes. While this slows down the amount of money that you might win, it also slows down the amount of money that you could lose. You have a higher chance of making casino comps the longer that you sit at the table. To try this concept, you may also opt playing poker games online such as poker online so you will know exactly what to expect.

The next time that you are in a casino, and are interested in playing blackjack and trying to get casino comps, pass on the tables without players, or those that only have a few players. Make sure that you look for a full blackjack table to play at. While the action is slower, the chance of making better comps is higher.