Card games have always been popular and will probably remain so. Many people spend a lot of time studying and devising various systems that will improve their chances of winning. Various methods are employed and many rules are followed religiously. However, it is important to understand and accept the many top blackjack myths & their facts.

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A surprising number of players believe that they should try and attain a score of twenty-one, or as close to it as possible. This may be because the game is also known as twenty ones. Nothing could be further from the truth. The real aim of this game is to beat the dealer. Players should therefore concentrate on only two things. They should avoid going bust and they should pay close attention to the handheld by the dealer.

A lot of players firmly believe that they can win every time if they are able to count all the cards. Experts agree that this is not practically possible. However, keeping count of the Cards can lead to a long term advantage over the house, but there is no evidence that it can lead to consistent wins.

Another misconception is to play according to a certain gaming technique that states that the casino dealer have a ten in the hole. This assumption has no solid basis. Since only thirty two percent of the of the deck of cards have a numerical value of ten, it is only reasonable to employ a strategy that rather assume a seventy percent change of the dealing having a card other than a ten in the hole.

A lot of card players believe that their current game can be adversely influenced by poor players. While such players can have a short term hold on fellow players, they cannot affect the probabilities or the cards in any true way. Experienced players are able to adapt their strategy accordingly and to ignore disruptions caused by bad players.

A surprising number of people think that they should always take even money when dealt a hand of blackjack if the casino dealer has an ace as a face card. In this way players consistently give up thirteen percent of their profits. The fact remains that there is only a thirty percent chance that the current dealer has a ten in the hole. With this type of scenario, players inevitably win.

Many card enthusiasts can benefit by taking note of the top blackjack myths & their facts. There are many websites that offer sensible advice and tips. By getting rid of ill conceived notions, players may find that they win more consistently and that they enjoy their game more.