You can find at every level some good players but if you want to take money from beginners (known in poker as “fish”), you can always find them at many tables. Table and seat selection is a key component in your strategy. If you already made notes on many players it is a good way to find tables the next time. Just search for people that you can stack easily. The opposite is also true: if at one table you realize that there are many competent players then just leave that game and find an easier one!

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I share with you now a hand where I had a note on my opponent when I sat down. The note was the following: “Calling station, top pair and top kicker is enough to go all-in against him, he will call with a lot less.” As you will realize later on, this note made my play a lot easier and helped to win the hand. You must learn how to make money with poker and in this process making notes is an important aspect. Against low stakes poker players notes have even a more important role!

The game is $0.25/$0.50 no limit hold’em with 8 players, I sit on the cutoff with $24. The 2nd position player limped (his stake is $16.70) and it got folded to me. I decided to bet with my AQ $2.25. The blinds folded and the limper made it $4 to go. That is an interesting move. I would probably not do it very often if I were in his place. If he had trash then he has a chance now to fold. If he had a pair but not too high, he could push me all-in with his small stack or at least raise back to $6-$7. This play would be good with AA or KK to build a pot when both of us have small stacks but I do not assume from this already known opponent to be so tricky. I call his 3-bet making the pot $8.75.

The flop comes: 5Q6. My opponent bets $4.40. It is a quite favorable flop considering our low stacks. If we were deep stacked like 100BB or more then I would play the hand cautiously, but definitely not in this situation. I have top pair top kicker, and as my note says my opponent probably calls me all the way with a Q and worse kicker, or any other pocket pair, not even mentioning a flush or a straight draw. There are so many hands I can beat and he would call, therefore I really do not have to think too much about strategy, only push my hand. The 4 possible better hands at this point are: 55, 66, KK and AA. If he had any of these, oh well, I can’t win them all, but most likely it is not the case. The weak attempt of betting half the pot even shows me more that the weak opponent has no idea where he stands, what he should do and just tried a weak bet on flop. When you ask yourself how it is possible to learn poker you just have to pay attention carefully for these kinds of signs of weakness.

I push all-in and he calls. To my biggest surprise his hand is: 44.

I was expecting to see a not too strong hand but definitely not so weak. This player wanted to gamble again or just put me on a complete bluff. It does not really matter what he thought but my chances are 86%-14%. The turn is the 7 giving backdoor straight draw to my opponent, making the chances only 77%-23%, but luckily the river is the 2 and it means I win with a pair of queens ace kicker a nice, $34.15 pot, which is not bad at this level.

The reason I picked this hand for analyzing is because on one side, I wanted to show how much it can benefit for you if you make notes on players, and on the other side you do not have to make very deep analysis and give much of a credit to your opponents on very small stakes. Top pair top kicker is many times good enough to push all-in in low stakes poker and your opponents will call or even raise you with complete trash. In this case at the time we went all-in on the flop my opponent had 10% chance to win. Not bad at all! With such a winning chance I am always glad to get in my money. And if I lost that hand? Well, sometimes you just have to take these bad beats, but do not worry, they will make a mistake again and their luck will come to an end. This was a perfect example to learn poker through hand and opponent analyzing.