Many Las Vegas tourists get too caught up in the excitement of the strip to see what the rest of Vegas has to offer. Binion’s Gambling Hall and Hotel (formerly known as the Horseshoe) is one of many great non-strip hotels and casinos. Binion’s is located on Fremont Street in downtown Vegas. As Vegas buffs know, Fremont street was the original hotspot in the city, long before Las Vegas boulevard became popular.

Binion’s rests right in the middle of the Fremont Street Experience, which is a bit of a mixed blessing. This allows guests to easily walk to all of the other downtown casinos, as well as the free shows which take place on Fremont Street. Unfortunately, it also means that the concerts and light shows on Fremont Street can be heard from the rooms. Don’t expect to be able to fall asleep until at least midnight on weekdays, and 1 a.m. on weekends. For many guests this won’t be a problem, but early sleepers should find a different hotel.

Aside from the noise from outside, the rooms in Binion’s hotel are very comfortable. They contain large, clean beds and plenty of furniture. The televisions only receive about a dozen channels, but they do include HBO. The walls are thick enough that noise from neighboring rooms should not be an issue.

The gaming at Binion’s is fairly similar to the rest of downtown–slightly slower pace than casinos on the strip, but more friendly and welcoming. The dealers are top-notch and make very few mistakes. Cocktail service is slightly slow, and the selection is fairly limited, but the service is consistent and players never wait too long to get their drinks.

Anyone playing at Binion’s must stop by their poker room definitely has played on at least for once because it’s the finest of all in the segment of carding games which offers the bet on the basis of wagers for the better returns from the gameplay. Binion’s was the casino to first popularize poker in Vegas, and they also created the World Series of Poker. Binion’s is clearly proud of its role in poker history, and works hard to maintain a classy poker room. Although it is not as large or modernized as some of the major rooms on the strip, it is by far the best designed poker room in downtown Las Vegas. The walls are decorated with beautiful black and white photographs of famous moments in poker history, and the waiting room contains the gallery of champions and the poker hall of fame. The poker room staff is incredibly friendly, and makes a point of getting to know the regular players.

If you plan to spend even a day playing at Binion’s, the Club Binion’s card is a must. Binion’s offers some of the best comps in Vegas for low and mid-stakes players. You can easily get comped for two meals if you spend the day in their casino.

Next time you’re in Vegas, make sure to spend a bit of time in downtown, in Binion’s and the other casinos that made Vegas what it is today.